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Aug 20, 2014

fbexternal-a.akamaihd.net_2014-08-20_14-32-26Tristyn Bloom, Daily Caller

A “peer support specialist” working for the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System took a veteran recovering from drug addiction to a crackhouse to help him buy drugs — and still hasn’t been fired over a year later.

The unnamed employee has been found guilty of patient abuse, misuse of government vehicles, filing false overtime requests, and multiple ethics violations, according to the Marine Corps Times, but is still listed in the CAVHCS employee directory.

The employee, who worked for the drug addiction treatment program at the Tuskegee medical center, told one of his patients he could help him buy drugs and make sure he wouldn’t be drug tested. The next day the employee drove the veteran to a nearby crackhouse, where they both bought illegal drugs, and the employee received a blowjob from a prostitute.

The Veterans Affairs police investigation also found that the employee, who himself was a former patient in the program, not only repeatedly conducted personal business during work hours, but filed for and received overtime pay while doing so.

Another employee of the same medical center was charged with sexually abusing a female volunteer with Down Syndrome Tuesday. The clinic has also been investigated for covering up the length of wait times for appointments and ignoring hundreds of patient x-rays, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

The clinic celebrated its 90th anniversary in February 2013. “Under the care of such great leadership from directors throughout the years,” said one VA health official at the time, “we’ve seen this campus really show the way; the way in which care is rendered to those who have served this nation.”