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Jul 15, 2015


Reports are coming out of cell phone coverage dropping and fibre optic cables being cut right at the very time the much talked about Jade Helm 15 military drills begin across the US south west.


Just last night on The Kev Baker Show we again talked about the potential for Jade Helm to actually being run by a quantum computer based A.I. software known as JADE 2. One of the things that this A.I. was rumoured to be able to do was to take up bandwidth and cellular coverage as it deemed necessary, so when reports of this nature started to emerge I felt compelled to share the information. I cannot say that this is anything related to JADE HELM 15 or any JADE 2 software, but this certainly fits the pattern of what we may expect to see if in fact it is an A.I. that is running the show.

Andrew Pontbriand writing for Resistance Journals reports….

As of now though, right in line with the launch of Jade, which in short, is an A.I. Quantum Computing System, Cellular service has been dropping at an unprecedented rate. First, it seemed the State of California was targeted, but according to Down Detector, it seems as though this has started to spread across the country, so far limited mostly to AT&T, however reports are beginning to come in about other service providers having issues.celluklar outages jade helm military drills

Jade Helm has the capability to control or break into any system, autonomously, that a human could have access too. Basically, anything we can do, Jade can do better, faster, and it’s likely it can do it completely undetected.

Is Jade Helm already “switched on,” and is it having an effect on the cell towers? Last week, we saw a day of glitches that effected the Stock Market, the Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines, among other things. Some have speculated Jade may have been turned on or activated briefly for a test run, and possibly went “right to work.”

We will keep a close eye on these service disruptions. So far, the media hasn’t picked up on these reports.

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In addition to this report there are outages in San Joachim County near San Francisco. KCRA news reports….

STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. (KCRA) —An intentionally cut fiber optic cable in San Joaquin County may be the reason some Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers in the region are unable to call 911, according to deputies

More than one fiber optic line was cut about 8:30 or 9 p.m. Tuesday in French Camp and is impacting Verizon and AT&T customers in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department said. Read more….. [source….]
So, could this be the first indications we have to back up the hypothesis that this is a super advanced, omnipresent A.I. system that is literally taking the helm of the US military command?

Finally, let me leave you with the highly informative interview on John B.Wells “Caravan to Midnight” with the Level9News researcher DJ. This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT I FEEL ALL MUST HEAR!