Truth Frequency Radio">Max Igan
Jul 25, 2014


[URGENT] Press release for safeguarding Shifa Hospital. The international crew – consisting of Denny Cormier, Joe Huda, Fred Ekblad, Manu Abu Carlos Unadikum, Valeria, Sara, Charlie, and Rina Andolini, carried out a press conference outside Shifa, to alert the world to the potential danger that Shifa Hospital could face.

With so many medical facilities and staff being attacked, we cannot guarantee the safety of Shifa Hospital. All we can do is let the world know what Israel is doing, and hope that action will be taken against the #IOF.
Many of us will be taking shifts to stay at the hospital as human shields and will do all we can to safeguard the hospital. We are slowly running out of medical facilities and soon, patients will end up on the streets and we will have no place for the shaheed.
We are not saying that international presence is going to have any effect on the actions of #Israel. All we can do is show our solidarity to the Palestinians and let them know we are here to help in any way we can.

We are not saying that Shifa has been threatened, this is merely a warning of the potential danger it could be in, and if anything does happen, let it be known that the world was warned, yet stood by and did nothing.