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AIRED: 06-15-2021

Lucas is chomping at the bits this morning to tell you about plywood satellites. I’ll wait while you go back and read that again. Yes. Plywood. Satellites. Those words combined hurt the brain a bit, no? Similar painful phrases come to mind: “Jumbo Shrimp”. “Military Intelligence”. “Space Science”. “Unboiled Egg”. Yes, read that last one again. “But…WHY??” you may ask? We did. Numerous times. These are questions for the ages. If a tree falls on a chicken, which came first? The mice, it seems. In space.

–Aurora Borealis, solved! By elves!! Huh? Oh, my bad…Alfven waves! Better. Oh, and SCIENCE, can’t forget thems ones! Ask Pat. Our pal Patrick Koehn, at NASA, said: “I was tremendously excited! It is a very rare thing to see a laboratory experiment that validates a theory or model concerning the space environment.” Rare, like my women! Er, no…

–Fluidic Warriors…Walt called it!

Chat Chit:

Zombie Snoop:
​Lobsters don’t actually scream, it’s gasses being steamed in the shell.. not saying they don’t feel it but they don’t have any way to scream

​betcha they are dancing and if we just knew the tune we could all sing along

Talkin’ Hed:
“Suspected Shooter…Shot…”

​I`m out…be good, and do all the things I don`t do, cuz I`m lazy !!

Threads In Time:
​thanks for the mention xx what you did the other day was the most treasured thing anyone has done for me in a long time, and you don’t even know me xx

website: chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/ab

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