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Feb 09, 2015

This broadcast was for Madeline who is unable to speak for herself

On the evening of May 3rd 2007, in the small Portugese fishing village of Praia da Luz, a 3-year-old British child is reported missing.

Her name is Madeleine Beth McCann…

So begins one of the most compelling and perplexing mysteries of recent times – at the heart of which, is a little girl who went on holiday with her family and never came home.

Tonight very special guest is South African business man Stephen Birch.
Stephen conducted a private independent investigation, and believes that on the 23 June 2012 he located the remains of Madeleine McCann

In this show Stephen Birch explains in great detail the investigation he conducted at his own personal expense. This includes Ground Penetrating Radar results obtained by Mr Birch during some covert investigating in the property of Robert Murat. The results of this examination have been looked at by five leading experts in penetrating radar and all agree that there is something the size of a young girl under the drive way of the first suspect in the case, Mr Robert Murat

Robert Murat, a former interpreter with the Portuguese police, was the origial suspect in the case but was cleared shortly after and went on to win massive sums in libel cases against various main stream newspapers.

His lawyer, responding to a request from Stephen Birch to dig the location he claims Madeline’s remains are buried, claimed that neither he or his client had any desire to make Mr Birch “famous” – now, is it just me or is this not a very strange response to evidence claiming to hold the key to the recovery of the child?

Would it not be easier for Murat to let Stephen dig and prove to the world his innocence once and for all? Or, as we suspect, is he involved in a cover-up of a case which leads all the way to the highest echelons of political power in Europe?

So often in the past people have aimed their attention on the parents, but before we can find the guilty we must first return Madeline home to the UK.

We must demand the excavation of the driveway in Murats property so we can put an end to all this speculation. When presented with Stephens evidence that may lead to the discovery of her daughter, Kate McCann, whilst on This Morning TV show in the UK, acted very suspiciously and dismissive of the information.


Why would a parent that is desperate for any information that may lead to answers in this case, why would they dismiss this? Additionally, what she doesnt say is very very telling – body language is hard to hide.

Stephen Birch just wants to return Madeline home and arguably he is the one man that has actually investigated the case properly. Let us help him by raising the awareness of this case and forcing the authorities to excavate the area and give us answers one way or another.

murat birch

In July 2012, South African businessman, Stephen D.Birch after 2 years of investigation and an intial cost to himself of £50 000, discovered something was buried beneath the Murat rear gravel driveway.

The driveway was build in early 2008, and is the second driveway on a property called Casa Liliana.
(YouTube: Madeleine Mccann Stephen Birch) — The property owned by an initial suspect in the case Robert Murat, is located 130 meters/ 426 feet from holiday apartment 5A Ocean club, in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
On the 3rd May 2007, three year old Madeleine Mc Cann disappeared from apartment 5A, and has never been seen since.

Stephen’s findings made “World Headlines” in 255 mainstream newspapers around the world.
Despite the findings and photos also appearing 18 times in Portugal’s largest newspaper Correio da Manha , and Stephen petitioning Portugal’s Prime Minister, and Attorney General, the Portuguese government has to date refused to dig up the Murat driveway.

5 International experts, in the use of ground penetrating radar equipment, have all examined scans taken of the Murat driveway by Stephen using a Mala ground penetrating radar machine, and have recommended excavating the driveway immediately.

Here are the expert opinions:

Ralph Baird Texas EquuSearch (USA)
“dig it up or probe it and see what is there; it’s a small task- the digging.”

Gretchen E. Freund- UIT System (USA)
“There are anomalous features in the GPR data that may be due to remains, but whether or not the data indicates the presence of remains cannot be determined solely from the GPR data. You must dig to find out.”

Michael Wolmarans, Imbila Location Services CC (South Africa)
“there is a distinct sign of a void. This suggests that the ground has been disturbed by digging. Below the void there is an object, though it is not possible to say what it is without excavating. If this were my own investigation, I would have little doubt that an excavation of the area is required.”

We must demand a final answer on this evidence and insist that the Murat driveway is dug up, if even just to put this theory to rest. But as the evidence shows, there is something, or someone, 3 feet under the gravel driveway. We need you, the reader of this article to flood the main stream social media feeds with this info in an attempt to put pressure on the authorities to act.

We do this for Madeline, for she has no voice of her own

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