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AIRED: 10-10-2018

In this broadcast, I spoke with fellow TFR host, Zen Garcia about his understanding of YHWH’s calendar according to the book of Enoch. The following link is to the podcast I referred to during the show: http://podcast.occsp.org/wp/2009/01/26/csp-elior-the-riddle-of-the-jewish-calendar/

Zen’s calendar for this month is in the link below:

website: https://sacredwordpublishing.com/pages/enochian-calenda

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In this broadcast, I spoke with Jim Lee, one of the pioneers in studying climate change and weather modification programs. This is the perfect follow up to the interview I did with Dane Wigington on this same issue. Please be sure to spend a LOT of time on Jim’s websites for a whole lot more...

AIRED: 06-12-2019

This was perhaps the most important show I’ve done in the 10 years I’ve been doing radio shows. My guest was Dane Wigington and we discussed some really heavy stuff on this broadcast dealing with the issues of geoengineering. Folks, we HAVE TO do something about this before it’s too late. We may literally be...

AIRED: 05-22-2019

My guest for this broadcast is S. Douglas Woodward. He’s been on The Revolutionary Radio Project several times before. This time, we’re discussing his latest book, “Rebooting the Bible: The astonishing story of a 1900 year old rabbinical conspiracy to corrupt the Bible’s ancient history and thwart belief in Jesus as the Messiah.” As always,...

AIRED: 05-15-2019

Whew. We covered a LOT of ground in this one. I started with an update on my SEED project and then opened up the phone lines. With the first caller we got into “sozo” and just how much we have been granted, but are not taking advantage of in our relationship with Christ. So, we...

AIRED: 05-08-2019

For the first half of the show, I got everyone up to date on my SEED project, discussing some of the reasons why I’m doing it. In the second half of the broadcast, I opened up the phone lines and had some interesting dialogue with several callers – mostly focused on the nature of Christ....

AIRED: 05-01-2019

My guest for this broadcast is Noel J. Hadley and we discussed a variety of subjects from his recently published 700 page book titled, “Worthless Mysteries: Flat Earth, the Divine Council & the Search for the Immortal Soul.” ...

AIRED: 04-17-2019