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Aug 16, 2014

Ukraine-Donetsk-Russia-War-PoroshenkoBy Global Research News

Appeal to the Nations of Europe from Novorossiya

Европа, смотри как тебя будут убивать!

Narrator’s voice [translation from Russian]


Transcript of Video


 Under Ukraine’s flag, Ukrainian soldiers are killing their compatriots.  It is impossible to believe that,  but this is true.

 Our deaths have become an everyday occurrence on the news about our cities and villages in south eastern Ukraine.

Ordinary people live in their houses, go along their regular routes to work, stores, hospitals and playgrounds.  Artillery shells fall onto  them, tearing them to pieces – women, children and old people.

That is what is left of them after shelling and bombing…[pics of killed civilians]

It is surprising that this info can only be found on the Internet.  It is hard to believe, but this info does not make it to the news releases of Europe’s state-monitored TV channels…

Europeans! Germans! Italians! French! Look at what is being done to the people of Luhansk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Army and its soldiers! We can forgive you for keeping silent – if you don’t know about it.  But if you do, I want to ask you: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!  Could it be that the bombs that kill our children and old people fail to reach your hearts?

Just a year ago, I was traveling in Europe, visiting Vienna, Venice and Paris.  I watched a TV music festival in which singers from Kiev, Kharkov, Luhansk and Donetsk took part. Today, their relatives are dying in their homes, on the streets of their cities and on the playgrounds.  The singers are in no mood of singing anymore – the USA and EU have organized a different festival for them  – a bloody one, to the music of GRADs and SU-25s.

Do you know why?  Just because residents of south-eastern Ukraine asked  [the government] to allow them to have a federate state system, akin to one that is in Germany or Canada, so much loved by Ukrainians; to have their children taught in Russian, their mother tongue.

Europeans!  Just imagine if the federative state system becomes forbidden in Germany.  Imagine if the French are not allowed to speak French, or Italians are prohibited from studying the history of Ancient Rome.  And those who refuse to follow these laws will be shot, burned alive, shelled…

Just take a look at how thugs and soldiers are doing it under the auspices of the Ukrainian flag.

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