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AIRED: 09-03-2018

Katie N. McHale, author of Under Attack, by Stellium Books, is a spiritually gifted empathic life coach and apprentice in deliverance ministries. Once a victim now a victor, she has endured demonic attack, addiction, and a life of traumatic events leading to her calling into ministry.
Katie was born and raised in Baltimore, MD where she currently resides. She was compelled to begin writing her book after a brave journey battling demonic activity, supernatural events and addiction to narcotics. Through her very own deliverance into the hands of God, by spiritual warrior Bill Bean, she has been led to assist and help the oppressed by sharing her experiences, strengths and hopes.
Katie is an agent of God, who works within the medical field, yet dwells in her writings and calling to help others. She is no stranger to spiritual realms and the chaos that dark forces bring forth, nor the warrior that is required to exorcise them.

website: facebook.com/Under-Attack-Author-Page-1911244009177358

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