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AIRED: 11-20-2021

Many times when we are deciding on who we should have on the show, it will just show itself to us. Such is the case for Shane joining us today as we had been thinking about him and he us, so we do what we always do. We went with it!

It was great having Shane get us caught up on what has happened with him since the last time he was on which was 11 months and 1 day ago, by the way! Like many of us, the last year was an eye opening experience for Shane. Outside of everything else going on in this crazy world, Shane sadly experienced the death of a dear friend of his that he frequently had on his show, Unbiased & On The Fence on Youtube AND his brother transitioned as well! Considering the huge loss in his life, he recounts how he dealt with it better today than he ever could have before. it’s hard to give a thumbnail description of what we covered on the show as we kind of bounced around from topic to topic as it relates with our current experiences but rest assured that there is a LOT of great info that we trust will be helpful to you!

Shane is also a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner, which is basically an evolved form of QHHT, which is a proven method of hypnosis for healing, past life regression and the study of reincarnation. developed by Dolores Cannon. Go to his website below for more information on that and everywhere else you can find Shane serving humanity.

Until next weekend, we hope your week is glorious and WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

website: www.uotf.net

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