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Aug 26, 2014

The Leader Post

REGINA — One-year-old Bear is a bouncing German shepherd-cross ball of tongue-lolling, enthusiastic, goofy love.

Bear the Puppy was the beneficiary of some kind donations within the community, a crowd sourcing effort raising almost $6,000 to allow surgery to be done on her foot.

But as she bounds toward a toy, her front left paw dangles, a useless limb. It was broken before she was surrendered to the Regina Humane Society, and had never been set or treated.

While it doesn’t dampen Bear’s enthusiasm for treats or her penchant for wanting to please, it makes it hard for her to walk.

www.leaderpost.com_2014-08-26_13-11-40The surgery to correct her injury has to be done at the Veterinary College in Saskatoon — something for which the humane society has no budget.

So, for the first time, they tried an online crowdfunder.

It worked.

Within just one hour after the fundraiser was posted online on Friday afternoon, Reginans raised more than $3,500 to help Bear; by Monday afternoon, that figure was close to $6,000.

Sitting in her office on Monday, Bear happily lapping up treats, Regina Humane Society executive director Lisa Koch said “there were a lot of tears” on Friday, “because we just couldn’t believe how people embraced her.”

“She has such a soft and friendly nature, she loves everybody, loves other dogs,” Koch said.

“The crowdfunder got her story out and allowed us to get her the help she needed.”

The operation will cost around $3,500. The rest of the money raised will go into the society’s Faith Fund, which helps seriously injured animals.

There’s already a puppy that needs the fund’s help — a tiny Labrador-cross fluffball named Honey, who needs pins in her back leg.

The humane society will book a date for Bear’s surgery soon.

Until then — and afterwards, as she recuperates — she will stay in foster care with Velda Lekivetz-Morris and her husband Murray.

Lekivetz-Morris didn’t even know about the campaign for Bear until Saturday, when she was out walking the dog in the park behind her home.

“People were just stopping me and telling me all about it,” she said. “It’s really great.”


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