AIRED: 11-10-2019

Take it from two Whistleblowers who know– The media has got it Wrong, Wrong, WRONG on Whistleblower protections, no matter what Adam Schiff says. Your faithful host and today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson have survived the Whistleblower journey. Anonymity?? Laughter! Ukraine whistleblower Anthony Eric Ciaramella is just discovering what REAL Whistleblowers are required to do— namely, expose the whole truth of any matter.
1) Whistleblower status guarantees public speech without retaliation– not the right to stay anonymous. President Trump has the full right to confront his accuser.
2) Whistleblower Status does NOT confer the right to Break any laws, like Ciaramella’s role soliciting Ukraine to provide false intelligence for Christopher Steele’s dossier used in the ILLEGAL FISA surveillance of the Trump Campaign. Ciaramella can be indicted for Conspiracy to attack the 2016 elections, which early evidence proves he did.
3) Testifying before Congress ends all 5th Amendment rights to stay silent when DOJ comes knocking with more questions
4) Lying under oath to Congress or the FBI qualifies as FELONY PERJURY
5) Refusing to answer questions from the FBI or GOP MEMBERS OF CONGRESS can be prosecuted as OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.
Surprise, surprise, surprise! No wonder Ciaramella is fighting to block the GOP from calling him as a witness before Congress.
Most Americans don’t know yet that Ukraine attacked our 2016 elections, and was responsible for the RUSSIA HOAX. Former Vice President Joe Biden was Obama’s point person on Ukraine, making him a legitimate target for DOJ. Ciaramella was Biden’s boy on the Ukraine Desk of the State Department. See the picture emerging??!!!
Here’s what we know Ukraine did. First, UKRAINE delivered FAKE Intelligence for EX-MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s garbage dossier, used by Hillary’s allies at DOJ and the FBI to justify ILLEGAL FISA Surveillance of the Trump Campaign.
Second, the DNC server was stashed in Ukraine. That explains why the FBI could not serve a warrant to examine the server when the DNC complained about hacking.
Third, Guccifer 2.0 are a UKRAINIAN HACKER team– not Russian– Suddenly all the puzzle pieces are fitting together.
Hardly the innocent, Anthony Eric Ciaramella is up to his eyeballs in colusion with Ukraine to attack the Free Elections of the United States in 2016.
Once Americans connect the dots, we think everyone will be APPALLED to discover Ukraine received ONE DOLLAR of our Tax Money in foreign aid. Ukraine should consider itself lucky Trump has not SCORCHED its economy with SANCTIONS.
This show is power-packed with real knowledge of Whistleblower obligations. You’ll understand what a spectacular backfire is storming down on Capitol Hill!

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