Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 14, 2014

A dark, oval UFO has recently been spotted over a house in the village of Ilpendam in North Holland. But, it’s not just any ordinary sighting. The UFO can be seen on Google Earth with both a ground and sky view, reports UFO Sightings Daily on Nov. 13. From the sky view the UFO looks like a metallic craft reflecting the light of the sun.

www.topix.com_2014-11-14_12-29-14When Dominik Dylewski of N P C 8 Studios on YouTube noticed what appeared to be a UFO hovering over a house, he decided to take a look from above. What he saw shocked him. The UFO was visible from both the ground and sky view. Although it looked like a dark oval from the ground view, the unidentified object looked metallic from the sky view. While UFO Sightings Daily describes the craft as shooting a ray of light, it is possible that the flash of light is actually the sun reflecting off some unknown object. Exactly what that might be is unknown at this time, but Dominik says it is definitely a UFO.

N P C 8 Studios has created a demonstration video that clearly shows the location of the craft and gives the viewer a bird’s eye view of both the ground and the sky view. The UFO was discovered on Oct.17 at: 52°27’58.02″N 4°57’21.28″E. The video is posted on YouTube.

Google Earth is a free downloadable program that allows viewers to zoom into any location on Earth and observe the area. UFO Daily Sightings claims to have captured and reported images of UFOs via Google Earth many times. The reports seem to mysteriously disappear after two to three months.