Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 05, 2013

by Michelle Devlin, AllVoices

A mysterious, bright light was clearly visible in the south-western sky over Bakersfield, California this week.

The light was witnessed for two nights in a row, October 29 and 30th by multiple witnesses, many of whom called into the local news station, News 17.

The local station reported that the light was ‘too bright to be a star, too still to be an aircraft…so what was it?’ Cameras were able to capture the video, above, which shows the glowing, pulsing object in the skies above.

Daron Nunn, an amateur astrologer who was able to look through a telescope at the mysterious orb said,

“When you look at it with the naked eye, you just see a bright light, but when you look at it through the scope, it put everything up…we could see everything. It split, it changed shapes, it was….I dunno what it was.”

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