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Dec 31, 2013

UFO-sighting-sierra-nevada-mountain-range-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAlejandro Rojas , Open Minds.TV

A paranormal investigator caught a mysterious light on video twice in December. In the first video he believes the object landed, and he says the next day he found circular impressions on the ground where he believes the object touched down.

The man who captured the video refers to himself as Lord Rick Rowe, and runs a paranormal investigation group called the Paranormal & Ghost Society. His YouTube channel is called AngelOfThyNight, and mostly contains videos of paranormal investigations. However, these are some of the few UFO videos he has posted.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain RangeThe first of Rowe’s two recent UFO videos was captured on December 12, 2013 on a hill near his home. The object appears to be a point of light that changes color. This is not uncommon for an out of focus star on the horizon. The atmosphere causes the object to appear to change color. However, as Rowe points out, the object is strobing at varying rates, often very quickly. He says he also saw it move.

Here is an excerpt of an email he sent Open Minds describing the incident;

As the object begins to slowly ascend it changes colors much quicker and pulsates even faster. I would say two colors per second totally nearly 20 different hues. I did investigate ground zero found a big circular impression in the ground the following day. The object was silent and hovering over an area we call the sierra triangle. I also have a second film I captured that night of another object zipping across the sky. The description of the video is at this link you are more than welcome to post it as UFO news for your site. This was taken in rural northern Nevada!

Rowe says he spotted the object again on December 28, and again was able to film it. He emailed us again, and wrote:

I filmed this UFO 10 hours ago it’s the same object I filmed on December 12th only this time the object was a few miles away from my home rather than on the hillside. I did examine still shots, patterns, colors etc all of it matches up. I spent the last two weeks skywatching as the area it’s hovering over is hills, mountains, high desert and woods. Then last night I seen it high in the sky hovering even with the naked eye I could see the colors. So if you would like to share my first video I sent you along with this second video:


Rowe continued:

That would be great so others can form their own conclusions. This is my third UFO video in rural Northern NV in the past two weeks. It is real and it’s meant to be shared with the UFO community not suppressed!