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AIRED: 04-02-2017

We have had sets of Twin Flames on numerous times but, until now, we have not had one half of a Twin Flame pair. Sherry talks about how she always knew that something, or someone, was missing in her life, even from an early age and how she was discouraged from talking about such things for fear of being labeled as “crazy”. In her first public appearance talking about it, she describes how her “twin flame journey” is about so much more than uniting with her other half. It’s about reuniting her 3D self with her TRUE self in this “beautifully brutal” journey. Sherry describes her journey thus far, what she has learned by living in faith and doing the inner work to ready not only herself, but her twin as well when they eventually reunite. It’s an informative, and humorous chat that can give hope to all those wondering what’s going on and why. If you would like to connect with Sherry you can email her at [email protected] and she will be happy to assist in whatever way she can!

website: [email protected]

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