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AIRED: 02-26-2017

Today we had twin flames Mark & Claire join the show from the UK. After numerous “relationships” and past wounds, they describe their feelings of desperation to find THE ONE, thinking it was hopeless but still going through the motions. Then, one day, Mark sees Claire on a dating website, reaches out and voila, these two beautiful twins finally find their home in each other!! Both knew from an early age that they were experiencing out of body occurrences but chalked them up to some form of dream state until they finally found each other and then the experiences they had gone through in their youth finally made sense and they’ve been inseparable ever since. On their website,, you can find beautiful music they make together, AWESOME articles ranging from twin flames/twin flame sex to how we’re MUCH more than just a physical body inhabiting this planet, how we’re all gurus and soooo much more!! We were honored to have these beautiful souls on with us and love them deeply as if we have known each other for years! Theirs is a story of pain, growth and, ultimately, love beyond measure!


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