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AIRED: 01-08-2017

Thunderbeat joins Sandra & Alan to discuss how she went from a rock band drummer to a solo spiritual music artist. She discusses her journey through the musical world and her insatiable appetite for learning everything she could about not only becoming a pioneer in sound healing, but also an author, teacher, speaker 22 strand DNA facilitator and certified Reiki Master. She laughs about how she met Led Zeppelin and how she and John Bonham got off to a rocky start and much more! The energy in this interview is off the chain and lots of fun!!


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Talk about a great AND fun chat!? That’s what we had today with Todd Medina on the heels of Soulogy Fest-I Am Soul recently on Mulberry Mountain. Todd gave us a thumbnail sketch of his recent experience that made it impossible to attend the event he had spent so much time putting together. It was...

AIRED: 09-10-2022

The energy is rising right along with the temperature it seems. We’re in a time period where a certain astrological alignment is here and hasn’t been seen for 2500 years during the time of Alexander the Great! The world has seemingly gone crazy and the intensity of energies present are expected to rise through the...

AIRED: 07-30-2022

Having just gone through another powerful full moon, and a super moon at that, we thought it was a good time to have on our favorite astrologer Claudia Thompson again and are we ever glad that we did! It’s hard to describe all of the things that we talked about as it pertains to full...

AIRED: 07-16-2022