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AIRED: 02-12-2022

Whenever we get the chance to get Judith Kusel on we’re on it because her message is one that resonates with us SO much! Couple that with the fact that she is such a fun-loving sweet soul with ancient wisdom that really comes into play now more than ever for those on the Twin Flame path with the escalating energies that are pouring into the planet now and having her message heard on the air is a no-brainer for us!
We HAD to have her on now especially since she has a brand new book out, “An Ode to Love & Being Loved”, which is an anthology of Judith’s writings on love and being loved, which embraces the most heartfelt moments of her own journey into the realms of True Love and Sacred Sexuality, as do her Love Poems.
She answers many questions her students asked during her online courses, as well as those frequently asked in her Twin Flame Soul Readings, dealing with loving partnerships, and the ultimate states of expansive consciousness attainable when joining together in such a union.
The book delves deeply into Sacred Sexuality, and Mystical Union, which are the ultimate states of expansive consciousness possible. Indeed, it is a way to experience the Divine, as the higher transmitter channels open up. It is Judith’s gift to humanity, and celebrates the Power of Love.
She asks, what is it that we wish to create with our relationships and with our love for each other? How will our love relationship best serve the rest of humanity and the Cosmos at large? How are we both going to fulfill our highest soul purpose and calling, while still finding that deep love for each other and while serving by loving each other in new and sacred ways? How are we going to use the sacred sexual fire for the greater good of all, in higher service?
As she notes this is an adventure, and a deep unfolding in itself, and only those who really seek with an honest and open heart, will find the keys and codes given to them to unlock the Sacred Fire. Such is the importance of this time! May those who have ears to hear, truly hear!
Eye meets eye…
Soul recognizes soul…
And the eternal dance of Love is re-ignited from eternity…
We hope you get as much out of this interview, as well as her book, as we did!
Until next week, MUCH LOVE to you!!

website: www.judithkusel.com

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