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AIRED: 04-13-2021

They’ve mocked us with it for years. Now it seems we may have the last and loudest laugh after all. Between the idea of Turtle Calendar and Turtle Island, plus piezoelectric pagodas mixed with Dean’s idea about Earth being Babel’s buildings on top of Babel’s buildings…things that make you go huuuuummmmmmmmm!!!

–NASA nixer? Nay? Yay? Let’s listen…
–We dissect the epic HNS from last Friday with Ben Balderson. Walt gets a bit emotional…
–Space elevators? Sure…
–2 years of actual Space Training for your average Joe? NO! 2 days now! Ah, advancements…


D C:
​IRM deserves an Emmy or Oscar or something for not pulling the plug – totally epic

Robert Page:
​grand rising 🌅

Dean H D:
​the whole earth could be the Tower of Babel, buildings on top of buildings

​people! i love people.

Michael Kilpatrick:
​the old rope trick

Kallum Wilkinson:
​a big balloon… and a rope… done…

Larry Mattila:
​grappling hooks into the firmament

reid millns:
​this show was great this morning

website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHHDMIlkMUA&list=PLEziv

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