AIRED: 09-08-2019

Today’s guest, “Al Fatah” from Libya deconstructs Turkey’s dangerous game, weaponizing the Muslim Brotherhood all over the Arab world, and Erdogan’s threats to flood Europe with 6 MILLION new Migrants. You will never hear an analysis like this on CNN or Associated Press. Al Fatah delivers the view from the Arab Street of Erdogan’s push for Conquest. She warns that Arab nations are already in the first stage of a World War. And she shows how Turkey’s push against Europe is guaranteed to trigger a whole new wave of violence as early as DECEMBER. Europe has ignored the warning signs. The United Nations has dangled the cheese of Big Government socialist programs in front of migrants and Euro leaders desperate for new sources of taxation and populations to control. Now, Prime Minister Erdogan has ramped up his game, demanding control of a sizable part of Syria and Libya’s oil fields “or else” the Gates of Hell will open with a flood of new Migrants. In short, Al Fatah argues the danger of World War is very real and much closer than most of us would like to think. Unless Europe confronts Turkey and takes down Erdogan right now, Al Fatah argues that World War is already starting.

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AIRED: 04-10-2022