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AIRED: 07-11-2023

Quote of the day it goes exactly like this one thing, “What do these terms have in common: medical emergency, player collapse, player died, died in sleep, Cardiac Arrest, brain aneurysm, blood clot, heart stop, died suddenly and unexpectedly, youth died, youth collapsed, athlete collapsed, athlete died, and died after a brief illness? Officially? Nothing. They have nothing in common at all. Unofficially, they have everything in common.” Who said that? Well that’s a combination of me and a friend of the show named Dana who Ted got her tied in with me and she sent me an email with all these fun things and it’s like,’Oh hey.’ so Dana if you’re listening thank you. [Oh right on.] Very very cool. Yeah I was wondering if somebody was going to collect all those. C-collect the whole set kids. Eh right.
Meanwhile the AI-powered Peanut Gallery says Karma and death are two interconnected concepts that have fascinated and perplexed Humanity for centuries. Rooted in various religious and philosophical traditions, they offer profound insights into the nature of existence, the consequences of our actions. Karma often associated with Eastern philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism, posted our actions in this life have far-reaching pr- repercussions in future lives shaping our destiny and determining the quality of our experiences. On the other hand, death is an inevitable and mysterious event that marks the end of physical life raising questions about the afterlife, the Soul’s journey, and the ultimate significance of our mortal existence. Together, Karma and death form a complex tapestry that invites introspection, moral reflection, and a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics of life’s journey. Yep Peanut’s that good. He’s that good. I didn’t even have to edit that.

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