Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Jul 17, 2013

CaptureAs reported by Aaron Cooper, the TSA is now actively grooming the public for “transportation security” at bus stations. This photo, allegedly taken in Milwaukee, shows two TSA workers manning a bus stop.

Over the course of the last several years the alternative media has been warning about the over-reaching of government into our private lives under the guise of security. The Transportation Security Agency made up mostly of high school drop outs, sex offenders and criminals, has demonstrated a complete and total lack of respect for individual rights, placing children on “no-fly” lists, searching the diapers of babies and elderly women alike, have proven time and time again that they are an unnecessary parasitical organization whose purpose is to reinforce the slave mindset to the public.

Many people have demonstrated against the TSA by showing up in bikinis, underwear to protest the “naked” body scanners. While I applaud the efforts of these activists it seems a little ridiculous to give the TSA exactly what they want: A full view of your naked body! And if you don’t think the “naked” scanners can see every detail of your wife and daughters body, don’t forget about TSA worker Rolando Negrin who beat a co-worker after passing through the naked scanner and the co-worker began making jokes about the size of his genitalia.

We really do live in a Prison Planet. We have to sign up for “passports” to travel out of the states while the TSA deters freedom loving individuals like myself from flying with their intrusive strip searches and no-fly list. I, for one ALWAYS get “randomly selected” for a “special search” when I have to fly anywhere. To make matters worse, between 2005 and 2010 people were actually BEGGING for the state to raise a 40 foot fence to lock them in this prison country. With TSA agents on the streets, many freedom minded individuals will refuse to ride the bus, refuse to attend concerts/sporting events and refuse to go anywhere the TSA is stationed. So once again, anything we do, they win!

We can protest by stripping off our clothes but then we give in to exactly what they want. We can protest by not flying or attending any events the TSA is operating but then we end up exactly where they want us: a prisoner in our own home. The only way to overcome this tyranny is to continue to attend concerts, use the bus, use the airports and in mass simply not acknowledge the TSA checkpoints. Millions of people walk through airports everyday with thousands of TSA workers. We well outnumber them at least a thousand to one! What if we refused to take our shoes off, we refused to let them touch us and we refused to pass through body scanners. Better yet, what if we simply refused to fly and let the airlines lobbyists settle the matter? I assure you, a couple of days with no flights and those lobbyists will be on the phone with their congressmen demanding the TSA is abolished. Money talks. Always has, always will.