Truth Frequency w/ Chris & Sheree Geo

Show: Truth Frequency

Time: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays – 2pm-5pm pacific

Sat/Sun – Syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network –


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Bio: Chris & Sheree Geo founded Truth Frequency Radio with the purpose of compiling an archive of information that can be used for many years to come. Not your typical radio show, Truth Frequency focuses more on the history of the occult and the deeper underlying conspiracy behind current events in an effort to predict the future by understanding the past. The next natural progression was to create the Truth Frequency Radio Network (call letters k-TFRN), to bring their audience an even broader perspective and now hosts about 2 dozen original broadcasts.

Chris & Sheree are originally from Texas but currently broadcast from an undisclosed location high upon the Rocky Mountains. They cover a broad range of topics including current events, law, sovereignty, eugenics, geo-politics and more but also dare to cover topics most are too afraid to touch including consciousness, ascension, entheogens and ufology.

Chris and Sheree Geo also host a great deal of original and syndicated articles at theĀ  Truth Frequency Radio Website . Truth Frequency Radio has covered a wide range of topics, more five sense reality based than the show Truth Frequency. Chris and Sheree Geo were the first ones to break open the Libya coup, catch Reuters red handed faking events and bring it to the alternative media. While many frowned upon the idea that the uprising in Libya was a staged coup, even alienating Chris and Sheree Geo for a brief period of time, Chris and Sheree Geo stuck to the facts and soon the rest followed.

It has surely been a rough ride for them both, experiencing the good, the bad and the disgustingly ugly side of alternative media but they’ve never let any of the praise, criticism, love, or hate stand in their way. Chris Geo wrote in a song entitled “Cointelpro “Focus on my mission while they plot and scheme from dusk until dawn”. Those words ring truer now than even the liberty bell, and that’s one LOUD BELL!

Chris and Sheree Geo have much more in store for the future and just want to thank everyone for the love and support. It’s only because of the wonderful supporters of the show that Truth Frequency has expanded in this manner. They are very thankful for the wonderful guests, the extraordinary listeners and everyone who makes up the show. After all, Chris and Sheree are simply the vessels. They are simply honored to be such.