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AIRED: 12-15-2012

1st Hour: Freelance writer, author, singer-songwriter, poet and naturalist Steve Andrews joins the broadcast to talk about the pyramids in the Canary Islands. Among the questions asked are: Who were the Guanches? The Spanish Conquest. Were they really survivors of Atlantis? How many pyramids are there in the Canary Islands and where are they? What do mainstream academics say about them?  Were the pyramids built by Freemasons?




2nd Hour: Max Igan returns to talk about the recent crimes against humanity in Gaza. We also cover geopolitical events and the Connecticut shooting/controversy surrounding it.



3rd Hour: Chris and Sheree pick up the last hour with some soulful, earnest, and sincere dialogue about the recent world events, and how we (on a personal level) avoid the trap of closed-mindedness and the Hegelian Dialectic. We encourage our listeners not only to escape from the tiny box of reality spoon-fed to you by the media, education system, and government in general, but to sincerely take charge of their lives and their reality altogether.


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