Truth Frequency Radio

Feb 21, 2013

Beginning Saturday, February 23, at 4 pm Central Time, hosts Chris & Sheree Geo and “Truth Frequency Radio” make their debut on the Genesis Communications Network.

What is the Truth Frequency?

It’s about being in the zone, it’s about being lucky, it’s about having everything go your way. When you tap into the Truth Frequency, you tap into the very essence of consciousness in order to decode the political, psychological and spiritual prisons that bind us.

Truth Frequency is well on it’s way to becoming one of the most popular broadcasts in alternative media with it’s youthful charisma, “outside of the box” analysis and hard line stance on personal liberty and self empowerment.

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Other news: We will extend the broadcast on KTFRN for an additional hour exclusively for our Truth Frequency listeners and members. We will also broadcast a live video stream on our front page of the full show. Video archives are available for free on our youtube channel with the final hour available in the members section.