Truth Frequency Radio

Jan 04, 2012

Truth Frequency was born on November 5th 2009 (remember, remember the 5th of November) and conceived by Chris & Sheree Geo. Our story began on blogtalk after which we worked our way up to taking the internet by storm! I credit this to the twin flame energy and a total abandonment of materialism in exchange for a spiritual journey many might see as foolish. Why give up a great life style and the ability to give the person I love anything in the world and pursue a thankless path of ridicule, stress, self sacrifice and hate? And by raising our heads above the crowd in effect painting ourselves as targets for all of the trolls, haters, cointelpro ops and ultimately the New World Order? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because of each and every one of you who tune in every single week to listen to what we have to say! For the love that you guys send to counter act the negative and ultimate to fulfill our destiny of saving the universe in this time of chaos and self destruction. The universe of course being the universe inside of us and the universe inside of those who’s lives we affect.

Shortly after we began to rise, we noticed forces claiming to be working with us were actually suppressing and working against us. They sent in low level cointelpro agents and while effective for a moment, could not maintain the infiltration and by following the cointelpro manual to the letter, sought to destroy us. But we are and always have been guided by higher forces who ensure our work continues, no matter how significant or insignificant it may be in the end or on the broadest scale of the mighty plan. The guiding forces have placed a hand of protection around us allowing us to laugh in the face of ridicule, lies, ad hominem attacks and keep us focused on our goal.

It was just a few months ago that Truth Frequency News was being sourced by CNN and other mainstream media outlets, the websites were on a trajectory to rival some of the biggest in alternative media and even mainstream propaganda outlets. We were the first to expose the Libya hoax and the blatant story telling by the mainstream media. We exposed Reuters for creating fake news stories to incite hate against Col. Gahdaffi. We exposed the mainstream media propaganda in the face of ridicule by our very own peers until they caught up and realized we were right all long. We laughed in the face of the NDAA and while everyone ran around in a panic, we were the voice which reminded that tyranny can never be legalized. Shortly after, many heard the voice and thus reminded of who we (as a humanity) are, where we came from, and echoed our words to the world.

We sat back and watched as the count on our youtube videos sat frozen for weeks on end, months on end, with new comments every day, yet the view counter never moved. We rejoiced when we found our interviews uploaded by other youtubers with upwards of half a million views, while we sat steadily at less than 10,000. We laughed when our websites were pulled for absolutely no apparent reason, claiming we used “too much bandwidth” and we held steadfast in our resolve to rebuild. We spent upwards of 80 combined hours piecing the shattered pieces back together while at the same time never ever ever missing a show.

In fact, these are the things which motivate us. If we’re not being attacked, we’re doing something wrong.

So I have one question for Google who is working side by side with the NSA. What the hell makes you think something like this is going to stop us from completing our work? Do you not understand the forces you are up against? You are not up against Chris & Sheree Geo, we are merely the conduit from which this energy flows, we are merely the vessels which carry this information to the masses. You are up against the creating force of the universe, all which is good and all which is love. And you know what? This old cliche says it best; Love conquers all.