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AIRED: 02-07-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like these two things. A lot of stuff to read tonight. “We made science a team sport and in so doing we made it no longer science. It became ‘us vs them’ and ‘they’ responded the only way anyone might expect them to, by resisting.” Who said that? Kevin Bass an M.D. PhD. student at a medical school in Texas. We’re not gonna say which medical school ‘cuz he wouldn’t tell us. The other one goes like this: “I know it’s false advertising but isn’t everything false advertising? Isn’t everything technically kind of lying just a little bit?” Who said that? A social media influencer which I will read about later.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery’s preparing for war with China which according to a four star Air Force general will happen! When? We don’t know. Aren’t we still in World War III with Russia, currently? That happened – last – summer. Didn’t it? Yeah we’ll see.


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