AIRED: 06-09-2019

In the midst of a great storm, there’s sunshine on the U.S. border crisis with Mexico. Today’s guest, Quintus Dias from New Mexico talks about major developments in the herculean fight to protect U.S Sovereignty from Soros’ Globalists. Triple amputee Brian Kolfage’s wall project has plugged a critical gap in wall construction in Sunland, New Mexico with 10 more projects in the works. A federal Judge in D.C. gave the greenlight for President Trump to use unspent Pentagon funds for construction of the Wall, while in California, the 9th Circuit predictably declared exactly the opposite. But the biggest news is Trump’s victory over Mexico, leveraging threats of 5 percent tariffs to force Mexico to stop the Caravan of Illegals coming from Guatemala and Honduras. Asylum seekers will now be returned to Mexico to wait for decisions on their asylum applications– Knowing that 90 PERCENT of the applications are rejected, over 70 PERCENT OF asylum applicants skip out on hearings. Quint talks about the new pipeline from Africa, the rise of gun violence by cartels against Border Patrol officers. We talk about corruption in U.S. politics & El Chapo’s declaration that he funneled Mega Millions to U.S. politicians. It’s all tied together– the Drug Cartels, the CIA black ops, the take down of the United States. They never counted on Trump and the Patriots. We’re scoring some major wins for U.S. sovereignty.

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