Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 25, 2014

Trucks of a Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine, drive in the direction of the Ukrainian border near the town of Donetsk, in Russia's Rostov Region, August 22, 2014.Ria

MOSCOW, August 25 (RIA Novosti) – Although Russia’s humanitarian mission has been successfully accomplished despite gloomy predictions of a Russian invasion,’ made by NATO top officials and western media sources, the West continues to spread a false narrative about the Russian convoy.

“Despite fact that the humanitarian nature of the mission had been confirmed (and Kiev had again been caught in a lie) the White House today described the convoy in terms that purposely suggested it was a military Trojan horse,” wrote Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, in his article “US/NATO slam Russian Aid to Eastern Ukraine,” published on August, 22.

Mr. McAdams cited the official statement made by Washington, as saying: “Today, in violation of its previous commitments and international law, Russian military vehicles painted to look like civilian trucks forced their way into Ukraine.” Commenting on the White House’s claims Daniel McAdams asked rhetorically: “The type and color of vehicles matter more than the contents?”

Meanwhile the BBC and the CNN has reported that the convoy returned from the eastern Ukraine to Russia. However, they are still expressing concerns regarding the convoy, suggesting that it could contain military equipment. However, no clear evidence has been presented by the media outlets. The Foreign Policy underscores that only 34 trucks had been inspected by Ukrainian customs in its article “A White Shining Lie,” written by columnist Michael Weiss. The question remains open why other trucks had left unexamined since the Ukrainian customs service had enough time and opportunity to inspect them.

“Several days ago western journalists were offered the opportunity to inspect any of the vehicles at random and none discovered the military Trojan horse that the Kiev government insisted was packed away in the vehicles,” stressed Daniel McAdams, adding that even journalists from media outlets highly critical of Russia admitted that the trucks contained humanitarian aid.

Mr. McAdams also pointed out that NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen falsely accused Russia of entering Ukraine “without any involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross.” The Executive Director of Ron Paul Institute emphasized that the ICRC and the Russian Red Cross had praised the mission. On the other hand Michael Weiss admits that Raisa Lukutsova, the head of Russia’s national Red Cross Society, “supported Moscow’s decision to dispatch the convoy,” according to Interfax.

However, ICRC representatives refused to accompany the convoy, referring to the threat posed by heavy shelling.