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AIRED: 08-07-2022

Sean Bond of Psionic League and Silver Chord Spiritual Science returns to discuss the time wars and our ability to affect them!
We break down personal and collective timelines and our perceptions of them. Steve experienced Deja Vu during the discussion! We get into ancestral healing of wounds to empower our present selves!


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AIRED: 03-19-2023

Where have I been and why? I play a clip about Thors Wedding Then I Read WB Yeats I wrap it up with a Song and commentary!...

AIRED: 01-22-2023

A Norse Mythos Dedicated Show. A comprehensive dive into what we know about the Goddess Skathi and her father thjiazi. This tale involves Bragg and Idunna the gods of poetry and immortality. Important lessons from Loki are made here too!...

AIRED: 11-06-2022

Zerilath Covers his psychonaut experience with The Nectar Of Athanasia while playing clips from the creators’ discussion about it! The potion is created by Sethikus Boza and his colleague and alchemist for BlackEarthProductionz as part of “The Great Work” for all mankind! The Nectar is rediscovered alchemy of liquid gold and solar transformation! ...

AIRED: 10-16-2022

A discussion on the technology discovered by Dr Robert Gilbert involving human energy fields in bio-science. Then a review of a lecture on Elan Vital and Vitalism by Dr Michael Segrue...

AIRED: 09-25-2022

A rundown on a few spiritual principles and the wisdom of odin in the Havamal Edda...

AIRED: 09-04-2022