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AIRED: 07-03-2022

Interview Session With My Special Guests Colin Davis And Melissa Mari Of Shadow Tech Alchemy And Various Musical Projects!
We Discuss Culture Shifts In Music And Heavy Metal From The 90s and 2000s In Culture and its relationship to Jungian psychology of developing oneself through individuation and shadow work!
How do we let go of attachments that no longer serve or make us happy!


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Sean Bond of Psionic League and Silver Chord Spiritual Science returns to discuss the time wars and our ability to affect them! We break down personal and collective timelines and our perceptions of them. Steve experienced Deja Vu during the discussion! We get into ancestral healing of wounds to empower our present selves! ...

AIRED: 08-07-2022

On This Show, Steve Had Guest Sean Bond, Founder Of THE PSIONIC LEAGUE and SILVER CHORD SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. Sean Provides Metaphysical Services To Unlock Soul Code Genetics To Heal and Empower Humanity Through Deep Energy Work On Multi-Dimensional Levels. Sean Demonstrates His Reading Abilities As He Also Asks Me Some Questions! ...

AIRED: 07-31-2022

After His Presentation Of Tartaria On Quantum Connections. Zerilath Overviews Important Matters Of History Of “The Flood” Through AEWAR documentary and commentary....

AIRED: 07-24-2022

I Do An Overview Of Future Guest Dennis Eggleston! This Youtuber Is An Eccentric, Highly Gifted Mind In Astrology Goddess Relationship Numerology And Royal Houses of Europe and other past life readings he can do along with tarot too. ...

AIRED: 06-26-2022

Today I explore the work of Jason Breshears through his youtube channel content at “Archaix”. I cover and discuss a series of clips on the Vapor Canopy Occulted history and prophecy, the timekeeping of the annus mundi calender, and sizing up the character of the man delivering the message and his character! I rationalize why...

AIRED: 06-19-2022

I Play A New Lecture By Rudolph Steiner – Esoteric Science and Esoteric Development Initiation. This Lecture Presents A Christian Occult And Esoteric Conception Of Reincarnation And Ascension. Steiner Lays out his findings on the unconscious human condition and what they need to Transcend It and the forces feeding off of it!...

AIRED: 06-05-2022