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AIRED: 01-14-2024

Using an audio run of my recent presentation with Slick Dissident on the Loki Disney Series and Quantum Mythology I further the discussion with own reflections on the time!


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I cover episode 60 of the James True channel on youtube “The VITRIOL of Alchemy” a discussion about what it means to be pressed by a process of conditioning and the cost of acceptance and rejection. ...

AIRED: 01-28-2024


AIRED: 12-24-2023

I cover a deep dive from Gnostic Informant on the Cult of Dionisius their history rituals and traditions. I demonstrate where these elements are present in Christian practices....

AIRED: 12-17-2023

this show was skipped, my apologies...

AIRED: 12-10-2023

I livestream of a manly p hall lecture on developing awareness and relationship with all facets of your soul. The Soul As Immortal Friend. I affirm his lecture within my tripartite soul energy work....

AIRED: 12-03-2023