AIRED: 12-13-2020

Never Stop the Fight until the Battle’s Done. That’s our motto for the week as the Electoral College meets on December 14. Remember Congress CERTIFIES the Electoral College vote on JANUARY 6. Concurrently, the U.S. Supreme Court is slated to take up lawsuits from Pennsylvania, Arizona and the newly retooled Texas Lawsuit that names President Trump as lead Plaintiff. There’s a push for Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan to intervene as Co-Plaintiffs in the Trump/Texas lawsuit, whereas those states all signed amicus briefs in the original Texas case, taking lower standing. So ignore youtube. Democrats covet Ignorance as a shield against corruption. But We the People are AWAKE & FIRED UP for this battle. Those Legislatures have each held public hearings on election fraud, taking testimony from dozens of witnesses and receiving thousands of pages of evidence. Their pleadings to SCOTUS declare authoritatively they have reached informed conclusions that ballot fraud did occur in their states. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia therefore seek to appoint alternative electors chosen by the Legislatures. As for the electoral college on Monday, no less than JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG wrote in BUSH vs. GORE that December 14 is not a hard fast date for selecting the President. It can float all the way to January 6 when the House must vote. Indeed, the ONLY ABSOLUTE DATE for deciding the Presidency must be January 20 when the President swears the Oath of Office. So sayeth RBG. By refusing to back down, as corrupt Democrats hoped, We the People can force the Supreme Court to take it up. Be warned: Americans can recite the substance of this election fraud in copious detail for each of these states. Our rage is not abating. Quite the opposite, the refusal of conservative Judges to strike down dead voters, felon voters, duplicate ballots—for the sake of taking down President Trump is the most destructive arrogance of all. Power elite think citizens must accept election fraud. Those power elite are SO Wrong. We the People will Never, Never, NEVER NEVER Accept Public Corruption that steals our votes!

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