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AIRED: 07-31-2021

Host Ra Castaldo discusses how thru music, and creativity he discovered how humans can make Cosmic connections, receive transmissions , exchanges of data if our Bio Energetic System our Consciousness reaches a certain Harmonic resonant Frequency. That he was communicating with Feline /Leonine intelligences that are fractal , fragments of his own Cosmic Journey. Some of these Transmissions he discovered were being sent by Intelligences within the Kuiper Belt and from Intelligences within what we call the Oort cloud, at the very edges of the Universe. These intelligences are the ones programming comets. That we have been infected by a Cosmic data virus, and coated with a cosmic slime around this dimension! We are the angels and demons, we have been so infected by this Cosmic data virus that this very knowledge has become, veiled , removed, switched off within our Microbial genes, our DNA, keeping us unsuited for a Quantum Environment , stuck in this 3d. Viruses can be both good and bad? Do we need a virus to also bring us to a higher state ? Can Gamma Ray Blasts bring us light energy , Quantum Microbial genes to our Species ? do not miss this show!! Also discussed during this 2 hour episode was what happened on July 30th, 13 years ago on a greyhound bus in Canada, Wendigo Possession. Also how Ra Castaldo shares how he was recently being contacted by the spirit world and shares this incredible paranormal story that happened to him on July 19th 2021. Also discussed is the Lions Gate Stargate activation of 8:8 : 1991 , and various Kabbalistic Codes hidden within Arthur C Clarke stories.


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