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Dec 07, 2013


Ancient Chinese paintings clearly documented aliens

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Researchers in China and Siberia Oracle unearthed inside, found some strange messages , combined with local myths handed down since ancient times , the researchers draw stunning conclusion: heaven aliens have invaded northern China , and conducted with humans 300 years of an ongoing war !

According to some Chinese ancient frescoes show in northern China might have been an alien invasion , and continued with aliens launched a 300 -year war !

Alien army enslaved Chinese people to build the pyramids , and to different tribes forces launched a war. Meanwhile, residents of the northern tribes also to aliens launched a counterattack ! According mural display , when a group dressed in leather armor , 12- foot-tall red-haired giants of ancient Chinese people to help fight the alien invaders. During the same period , red-haired giant also appeared in the world , and they drive the alien invaders back into space , they saved the Chinese , or that they saved the planet.

ancient-aliens-china-annunaki-invasion-war-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to Dr. Zecharia Sitchin said Annunaki and other cultural researchers , from 25,000 to 30,000 years ago , two northern India and Mongolia ‘s Gobi Desert highly developed city , has encountered serious air pollution and nuclear war.

And then the West but few people know, is covered with snow in northern China, also had a ridiculous war, the war party actually is: Chinese people, the giant red hair, and aliens.

A terrible war

Researchers in China and Siberia Oracle unearthed inside, found some strange information , combined with local myths handed down since ancient times , the researchers draw stunning idea: heaven alien invasion of northern China and the Chinese people beast as slaves !

For information about the war have been preserved

In order for future generations to remember the deeds of their ancestors in ancient times the Chinese


Oracle has worked with red hair to reveal a giant alien war

people will have a significant battles recorded on cattle scapula or turtle shell – which is Oracle . After several generations of evolution , the Chinese language has been considerable improvement , shape and tone becomes more suitable for communication, however Meanwhile, those historic events narrated by the text shape , but has been unable through modern text reflected.

Fortunately, those silk and rice paper used to record events , and some have been preserved .

Restructuring invasion

These alien spaceship arrived in China , the Chinese calendar yet born , it can only be inferred about an alien invasion of the time . Part of Asia scholars believe that Chinese calendar originated in the 14th century BC . But there is another way of saying that China calendar was born in 2637 BC , created by the Yellow Emperor .

After an argument to get official approval, which originated in the Chinese Lunar 27th century BC, the West in 2012, that China’s 4710 years.


Luoding village recently discovered a rare rock art, painting pattern aliens suspected of wearing a helmet

Thus, we can infer that the alien invasion , slavery, after the war there is a place in the 30th century BC .

Stone war record

Things that happened during that period , can not use Oracle to record , but there are scholars in a 3000 -year-old stone carvings found alien invaders may still not gone . Amazing piece of stone , in the South China Sea to China – Guangdong discovery. Stone is part of the mystery of the ancient war , also described the ancient Chinese people forced into this interstellar war.

According to these ancient relics to mention the war , describing the alien invaders and modern actually strikingly similar : high, slender , once they left the ship for a long time , you must bring a helmet ( breathing mask ) , there are two on the helmet something like three shoots ( antenna ) .

Angry ; God ; aggression unarmed ancient people .


China and the red-haired giants repel alien alliance

After the aliens arrived , the locals were forced to work for the aliens , aliens become slaves . This reminds us of Dr. Sitchin on Sumerian view: he claims that Sumerian and other ancient cultures have recorded their slaves had become alien , and for the alien to mine gold – in aliens forced down , they built the pyramids , and some lessons from the Earth’s interior gold piping . This is the ancient Chinese people have experienced things .

Large and small, vertical and horizontal staggered pyramid covered with vast land, some of the Chinese University of scholars have pointed out, some of the pyramids have been several years old. Like the ancient Egyptians and ancient American civilizations like ancient Asian civilizations although mysterious, but there is no ability to build the pyramids. Pyramid does not have any religious overtones and purpose, while also unique with the social sectors (agriculture) does not matter.

According to these precious carvings , ancient display , combined with local myths , the researchers learned that a large number of Chinese who died during the enslaved aliens , and the uprising happened many times , they tried to overthrow the alien rulers , but each uprising failed.

Savior : Giants from Northwest

Ancient giant footprints , almost all over the world on all continents , they rescued enslaved humanity from alien hands. Part of the Giants’ relics, relics , bones, and even the mummy , still save today .

America, Europe , Siberia and parts of Asia , both of them reads: The red-haired warrior, wearing leather armor, enough to stand up to 12 feet high.

No written records, but according to the description of existing ancient myths , these giants from China Northwest flock and launched a war with aliens . According to mythology describes these giants are very strong and can easily lift the aliens , the aliens like branches broken down the middle like living . Giants brave, fearless terror and their actions scare these demons like alien invaders.

Despite the alien invaders have a powerful weapon , but the face of ferocious giant red hair and angry Asian slave revolt , they eventually gave up aggression.

The war has been 5000 years ago, there have not been alien invaders, and we also hope – that history will not repeat itself.