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AIRED: 10-06-2020

These unprecedented times are life-changing on many levels and we are being presented with many choices about how we are going to live our lives now and going forward. We can take this opportunity to stand in our power as Spiritual Warriors and change our lives and the lives of others for the better! We can embrace this global event as an opportunity to shift into a higher way of living and being. We can ascend and evolve into a 5D perspective as the 3D matrix descends and devolves. Featuring the keynote speakers of our upcoming Virtual Ascension Retreat on SciSpi.TV, Maureen St Germain and Laura Eisenhower. Check it out at:

Sedona Ascension Retreats

website: https://suzannerosswellness.com, https://scispi.tv

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AIRED: 07-20-2021

Now is the time to dedicate ourselves solely to shining the light of love! If we expand our hearts and minds to embrace the highest good for all and spread our love and light to all our brothers and sisters, we will experience an ascension of consciousness! In our ascended state, we will no longer...

AIRED: 04-29-2021

Megan Brown had one of the most extraordinary near-death experiences on record. During her time on the other side, she communed with Jesus and Muhammad and even sat in on a roundtable discussion with God at the helm! She enjoyed a concert with her favorite late rockstars and watched her life review. What she learned...

AIRED: 04-20-2021

During Suzanne’s Sedona Ascension Retreat, Near-Death Experiencers from around the country gathered to share their NDE’s. These profound experiences reveal that our consciousness, or soul, are ongoing. We are still ourselves in the afterlife (just without a physical body)! In the afterlife, people still have the forms they had in the previous life, just transparent....

AIRED: 04-13-2021

Engage in Part One of Suzanne’s Ascension Retreat in audio as she shares the presentations, practices and performances from her live 3-day Sedona Ascension Retreat that took place during the Spring Equinox. With 20 presenters, practitioners and performers, you will thoroughly enjoy this phenomenal 4-part series. Also featured in video on SciSpi.TV. ...

AIRED: 03-30-2021

Suzanne takes you on an adventure through Universes of Time and Space and shows you how they are a mental construct projected from the eternal children at the core of creation as a a reflection of the Central Universe upon which they exist. She tunes into the eternal souls mentally projecting holographic fractals of themselves...

AIRED: 03-16-2021