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AIRED: 10-01-2020

Global Ascension Leader, Tracey Ash, uses advanced metaphysics to recalibrate Ascension Gateways that have been blocked and manipulated by dark forces in an effort to prevent the ascension of humanity. She focuses on the key gateways located at sacred temple sites throughout Egypt. Suzanne and Tracey share intriguing insights about the connections between Egypt and Sedona and explore the galactic origins of the indigenous. Tracey Ash will be a keynote speaker during the upcoming virtual retreat on SciSpi.TV. Check it out and register at:

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Engage in Part One of Suzanne’s Ascension Retreat in audio as she shares the presentations, practices and performances from her live 3-day Sedona Ascension Retreat that took place during the Spring Equinox. With 20 presenters, practitioners and performers, you will thoroughly enjoy this phenomenal 4-part series. Also featured in video on SciSpi.TV. ...

AIRED: 03-30-2021

Suzanne takes you on an adventure through Universes of Time and Space and shows you how they are a mental construct projected from the eternal children at the core of creation as a a reflection of the Central Universe upon which they exist. She tunes into the eternal souls mentally projecting holographic fractals of themselves...

AIRED: 03-16-2021

Suzanne’s guest, Mark Fiorentino, has released a book, The Master of Reality, which solves the Unified Field Theory! His discoveries are groundbreaking and evolutionary. He has discovered how to travel through space-time faster than the speed of light which opens the doors to time travel, dimension jumping, stargates and travel to other star systems. He...

AIRED: 02-23-2021

To turn the tides, Suzanne is the one being interviewed on her show! David Newell explores the true nature of our eternal soul with Suzanne and Loretta Brown asks Suzanne about the true nature of time and space as a holographic projection. Suzanne explains how our eternal souls are projecting holographic fractals of itself into...

AIRED: 02-16-2021

Enjoy this interdimensional journey into the inner earth with experiencer, Lowell Johnson. While hiking in Mount Shasta, an interdimensional doorway opened and Lowell was drawn into a tunnel of light. There he met a light-being and together they descended into the inner earth city of Telos. Come and see Lowell LIVE at the Sedona Ascension...

AIRED: 02-11-2021

Suzanne is hosting another Ascension Retreat in Sedona! She hosts a spiritual retreat every Spring and Fall Equinox in Sedona and this year, 2021, the Spring Equinox retreat will take place March 20-22. Suzanne features her colleagues in the spiritual community who are dedicated to the awakening and ascension of humanity. The retreat includes presentations,...

AIRED: 02-09-2021