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AIRED: 11-13-2018

I LOVE me some newfangled wordification! I’ve always prided myself on my intrinsicallastic abilities to vocabulate quite scrumtralecently on a regular tip, so whenever Josh comes acrossed new additionistical verbage, it is immediately added to the collective unctuosiousness. Thereby a show title was born! If you can tell us the minute mark where the word is born, you win a mention on the air!
–Made up words irk you? Wait’ll you get a load of THIS: What would happen to a werewolf on the moon??? The moon now is said to have an ionosphere, like an atmosphere, but thinner, & easily blown apart by solar winds. “During a full moon, though, our pale companion is hiding within Earth’s magnetic bubble. This protects it from the Sun, and the ionosphere fizzles. There’s also some tenuous evidence that the two celestial bodies might be exchanging some of this plasma, perhaps during a full moon when the Moon is protected. The effects of this are likely very small, but it’s possible – and that’s where werewolves come into it. Perhaps it’s not the full moon per se they are reacting to when they appear from their human husks, but instead, it’s this invisible plasma exchange that’s to blame.” but how do we EVER test all this? How about let’s get Elon REALLY baked and watch “The Howling” with him…
–Stan Lee has moved on. EXCELSIOR!
–Steve Vai…hmmmm
–Dino Toast…yeah.


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