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Dec 28, 2020

Other profitable niches include books, toys, and grocery. I understand you can’t like board games as used on amazon but do they have to be out of print to list as collectible? Somewhat confused as to how individuals are sourcing used board games. All used board games have to go as “collectible” on Amazon. Boris, it looks like reselling used board games through prepping services might not be the best use of your capital.

I know some eBay sellers who source used board games locallyjust to sell the parts. When you think about it, it’s not a bad idea if you can get a whole used board game for $2 to sell the pieces for $1-$5 each. Board games sell on Amazon all year long, but things can really take off during Q4 . Many board games, both new and used, sell formuch more during November and Scary Games December. Prices can really fluctuate on collectible board games, especially as supply decreases.

  • The aim of the game is to match numbers in a sequence from the king to ace, alternating color as you go.
  • The aim is to clear the pyramid by making pairs that add up to 13.
  • This game is best played while talking to your friends so that you can see everyone’s reactions to the cards and the winners.
  • You will then place the rest of the deck above and turn one card out.
  • Take the top card from each pile and face it upwards.
  • The first pile will have one card, the second will have two, and so on until you reach the last pile.

But the best place to buy board games isn’t at a store or even a garage sale. The best place to buy games to sell on Amazon is eBay!! That’s right, it’s easy to double your money buy buying on eBay and then reselling on Amazon.

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First, you should check that the battery compartment is not corroded. Then go ahead and put in fresh batteries to make sure that all the buttons still work.

You can check Keepa or CamelCamelCamel for pricing history on Amazon. If that doesn’t give you enough information, you can search for your game on eBay. My top choice for packaging board games is an impulse sealer with a heat gun. However, for smaller games, self-sealing poly bags are a great choice. If you need recommendations for these items, I discuss my favorite packaging products in my blog post about how to package bundles. If you’re selling used electronic board games , you’ll also need to check the batteries.

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When selling board games, you want to be 100% sure that it has all of the pieces, and a prep service might not do that for you. Hello, I am just getting into buying and selling board games. I went to an estate sale and bought 6 brand new factory sealed games for 45 bucks. I did search them on amazon and they are bringing good money. The question I have is that I found a game for $100 and it is going for around $200 – $250 on amazon with a rank of around 88000, should I buy it? I guess I am just scared of buying something pretty expensive this early.

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Sometimes you might not know exactly which pieces are supposed to be included. Luckily there are sites like that have detailed information on how many of each piece is included in most board games. This step should really go hand-in-hand with assigning the proper condition guidelines on used board games. It’s important that you double and triple check to make sure that ALL of the board game pieces are included.