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AIRED: 05-14-2021

We have friend Tommy (That Flat Fellow) with us this morning, on the road in Beast Mode. His style of Flat Tapping? Legend! His videos? Hilarious! Lately, he has been sharing FE music from across the Plane with those of us lucky enough to sub his YT channel. Plus, today we get to share an exclusive tune that is moving, haunting, beautiful; it truly brought truth bumps to my arms.

–FE was Tommy’s first real conspiracy theory rabbit hole. Seems he doesn’t count the BOOK he wrote on Atlantis, because it isn’t THEORY.
–Center of The Earth? Yellow Eagle? WHAT??

–Chemtrail bombshell in our last seconds!!! WHAT??!?!?

Chat Chit–
Shih Tzu Boogaloo Too:
​Capricorn- You cannot transform people with a wand…or nose twinkle…Let others be who they are and appreciate their individuality

Kallum Wilkinson (Special K):
​i noticed you are paying with flat money… do you know the earth is flat too…

Joe Mama:
​Tommy has been crushing it at the game show table. I had no idea that almost everyone is so lame out there. Walking dead missing 90% of their third grade homework

Chrisi Chicool:
​hey haven’t been in here before 😇 Chanca Piedra is the natural pills to crush kidney stones for whoever was saying last night at GLOBEBUSTERS …hope this helps!!!

​All flat earthers had to RE learn the ball model……i remember i did it too…..its humbling….🙂

Ross Thatcher:
​I still believe I’m the ONLY one to suggest giants mined the Grand Canyon for the raw materials to create the moon… lol

Jay J:
​flat just makes sense, you can be flat broke but not globe broke 😋


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