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Oct 06, 2015
Psilocybin, the nootropic compound found within psychoactive mushroom species, is proving to be the medicinal key to eradicating mental illnesses and returning lost cognitive ability. Published in Experimental Brain Research, astudy conducted by lead researcher Dr. Juan R. Sanchez and his team investigated psilocybin’s ability to bind certain receptors in the brain which stimulate healing and growth. Results showed that psilocybin’s effect on the mind vitalizes the reparation of damaged brain cells and is also highly effective in relieving depression and PTSD.

For the study, mice that had been conditioned to hearing a noise prior to receiving a shock were treated with psilocybin. The behavior of the mice that were treated was then compared to those that received a saline treatment. This comparison demonstrated that the mice that were given a carefully calculated dosage of psilocybin showed little or no fear response to hearing the noise-trigger whereas the saline-treated mice continued to panic in anticipation every time. Some of the mice were given an excessive dose of psilocybin which resulted in an even greater, more intense fear response than before, showing that if psilocybin is to be accepted as a medicine, then it must be respected as a medicine.

“The proposition that psilocybin impacts cognition and stimulates hippocampal neurogenesis is based on extensive evidence that serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-HT) acting on specific 5-HT receptor sub-types (most likely the 5-HT2A receptor) is involved in the regulation of neurogenesis in hippocampus,” says Dr. Sanchez-Ramos according to NaturalNews. “The in vitro and in vivo animal data is compelling enough to explore whether psilocybin will enhance neurogenesis and result in measurable improvements in learning.”

Psilocybin has been categorized as a nootropic substance as it directly effects the health of the hippocampus, the center of memory, emotion, and the autonomic nervous system. A healthy hippocampus is associated with an enhanced learning capacity as well as an efficient conversion of short term memories to long term memories thus, the psilocybin-induced brain cell construction in the hippocampus directly translates to a healthier, sharper brain.

Much of the necessary research is still underway, but it is safe say that the time at which psilocybin is a legally-acceptable form of psychiatric treatment is nearing. For those plagued by persistent psychiatric conditions, a proper psilocybin treatment in a professional setting could literally be the key to happiness. Seems a bit ironic that a naturally occurring compound with this sort of potential has been outlawed for decades for its “high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.”



H/T: Minds

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