Todd Medina Talks Recent Experience & What It Means >>


AIRED: 09-10-2022

Talk about a great AND fun chat!? That’s what we had today with Todd Medina on the heels of Soulogy Fest-I Am Soul recently on Mulberry Mountain.

Todd gave us a thumbnail sketch of his recent experience that made it impossible to attend the event he had spent so much time putting together. It was a fantastic lesson for not only Todd, but everyone that had anything to do with Soulogy Fest-I Am Soul from the coming together and collaborating without a so called “leader” to the numerous examples of healing that was had by many of those in attendance to some of the more abnormal events that occured both in the physical world and the ethereal as well! This whole event wasn’t simply a 3 day festival. It was and is much much more so make sure to listen to this and we’re positive that you will resonate with much of what was talked about!

Until next Saturday we hope your week is glorious and do NOT forget that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂


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