AIRED: 11-08-2020

Show starts at 30 minutes. Three Cheers for Al Gore! Victory for Al Gore— Today’s guest, Jim Fetzer starts the show hearkening to Al Gore, the President who never was. Joe Biden is attempting a COUP against American Voters backed by FAKE MEDIA showing off its most Psychotic & Untrustworthy traits. Fetzer and your faithful host survived the horrifying circus of hanging chads in Florida in the 2000 elections. Twenty years later it scorches us still. Younger Americans will be scorched by this fiasco, too. Joe Biden is NOT President of the United States. While car horns beeped & blasted in Democrat strongholds, on Saturday North Carolina & Alaska both resolved into Trump’s column. Ooops. Remarkably, last night Arizona flipped 35,000 provisional ballot from Biden to Trump from voters who changed their mind on election day, with about another 100,000 provisional ballots to count. Remember how Nevada led the nation on twitter trending “how to change my vote?” after the Presidential debate?? We’ll find out why when Nevada starts counting 60,000 provisional ballots on Monday, with the majority expected to change votes from Biden to Trump. If that’s not drama enough, on Friday night, GOP Chairwoman Rhonna McDaniels announced a software glitch in Michigan caused 6,000 votes in one Michigan county to flip from Trump to Biden. But wait 87 counties in Michigan and 156 counties in Pennsylvania use that same Dominion Software. Trump is demanding a recount by hand of ALL the ballots in each & every one of those counties, with projections of 240,000 votes in Michigan and 500,000 votes in Pennsylvania to switch over to Trump. Listening to Jim Fetzer & our discussion of ALL the Fraud and ALL the safety checks available to the Trump Campaign should steel your nerves of what’s coming this week. Just remember America’s gone through this before—and the winner was President George Bush.

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