Truth Frequency Radio

Dec 24, 2015

By Luckee1

As Joe Joseph opened last night’s Freedom Link Radio with the article by Kurt Haskell, I was pleasantly surprised but not shocked. In that article Haskell outs the former TFR hostess Rebekah Roth as one named ‘Sara’.  He thoroughly debunks the whole former stewardess/flight attendant cum author on 9-11 and the flights of that fateful day. We have known for a while that Rebekah Roth is also known as Monika Gainor.  After her bad behavior here, she was removed from TFR. What we didn’t know until Dr. Fetzer showed it, was that Sara/Rebekah/Monika has an IP address from Langley Virginia, home of the CIA.

Now we could leave all there. Or like my mother often said, “Leave it where Jesus flung it.” I remember this phrase because my mom would say it to me often. Why? Because I hate sneaks, sneaky people gives me the creepiest crawleys and I have to ferret it out. I always have and I always will. I have learned to accept this ‘fault’ in myself. So, no, as usual, I will not leave it where Jesus flung it, for now.

An associate of mine found some amazing things yesterday, I want very much to give credit to this incredible researcher, but they insist on anonymity, and I must respect that.

KoreAnn Madison

Why who is that?  On this website the word ‘agent’ is not necessarily CIA but real estate (I am not sure of the license) But we have yet another name. KoreAnn Ashlie which is a very strange name to have preceding the name of this properties reseller, Madison. (Ashley Madison being an adult cheating on your spouse web site) This KoreAnn SHOULD be easy to track down, with such a strange name. But it did not produce much useful information until one couples the name with her partner.

You see, Sara/Roth/Gainor was not alone in this fraud. It seems everyone has forgotten about Ram Jet/ Michael Harris and the sidekick role he played.  Who is this guy and how is he related? Does the fraud end with Sara living near Langley?  I hardly think so.

Looking into RamJet, Rebekah’s sidekick (or co-pilot as they euphemistically put it), with Monika, was known as Michael Harris.  That is a common name. Further searching yielded the result of book writer, Michael A Harris.  He wrote a book that he dedicated to KoreAnn and said they had 5 children.

If you have seen the Fetzer video or any others on you tube showing the well known double roles of Michael / RamJet, the following will show that there is a history of this guy doing videos and books. 2015-12-24 07-32-14

untouched for more than a year. In April, KoreAnn and I took a job together in northern Nevada. The demands and intensity of our positions made it impossible for me to write, causing the story and its ideas to languish in neglect. KoreAnn often encouraged me to pick up the story so that I could finish telling her about Kathryn and David, but her pleas remained unheeded and I found I was never in a frame of mind to craft the words or develop the stories lines for the characters.

gainor harris

That Author of Windsweeping is the same as Michael on Phix YourHealth

Again if you have seen any one of the numerous videos of Monika / Rebekah & Michael / RamJet you will have no doubt that there are double lives

Ram Jet, I mean, Michael in an interview about the book

Now, who the hell is KoreAnn? Michael refers to her as his wife in Windsweeping related posts.

Michael claimed on his bio that he has 5 children and Rebekah Roth says she has 5 children. This is what happens when you lie too much. The lies blend and cross over the different narratives.

Now here is some fun facts:

All of this information is public records. We have not doxxed her 2015-12-24 08-44-00 2015-12-24 08-30-34

Obit of Sara/Rebekah/Monika/KoreAnn/Kristy’s mother

I recall on one of the broadcasts on TFR that Roth stated that Ram Jet was laying there drinking some beverage and that is why he wasn’t in the chat room. That indicated to me at the time that there was a relationship akin to a marriage between the two.

The issue of the IP address is something else. When she was confronted about the IP address, she maintained she used a proxy address, that may be true. Using a Langley IP address will scare off the timid, at best, or still keep her in the ‘conspiracy circle’ scam that she may be an agent, at worst.

I think she and her side-kick are merely scam artists and may have no government affiliation at all. The constant shilling of these books are for money, everywhere we have seen her, she is plying for money. If her ‘work’ was for an agency furtherance of a narrative, they wouldn’t clamor for money. They would have been paid by what ever agency they were working for. The desperation in the radio shows, and book sales, and guest appearance on others’ shows, and the whining that Roth was never invited on the InfoWars channel (which would have sent sales soaring), is really telling.

Kurt Haskell did a good article, but I think she ran another scam on him about ‘Sara’. As you can see, she is still in what she and others think is a game.

When Chris told me months ago, that she (what ever her name is) was no longer on TFR, I pulled all the show tweets, and was done with her. Now that all this has been exposed in the light, we can move on. I think we all should merely expose the fraud and be done with it.

Now I will leave it where Jesus flung it, Mom.