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Nov 14, 2014


Greece – it would appear by this morning’s GDP print – is now the engine of growth for Europe. Despite near-record unemployment, record suicides and poverty, and an increasing number of Greeks doing unpaid work (or in slavery), GDP rose at the fastest rate across the EU… However, it appears, judging by the protests across Athens today, the people did not get the message that the crisis is over… as police resort to tear gas and stun guns.



As The Guardian reports,

The news that Greece has left recession comes as the country is gripped by scenes of protesting students.


Our Athens correspondent, Helena Smith, explains:


Tensions are very much on rise after overnight riots outside Athens Polytechnic (where the 1973 student uprising set in motion the events that lead to the fall of Greece’s hated military regime) and a student take-over this morning of Thessaloniki University.


As I write, students are marching through Athens.


Protestors are up in arms over government’s controversial decision to implement a lock-out at all tertiary education institutions in run-up to the anniversary this Monday. Usually, university students have used the three-day period set aside for commemorations to stage sit-ins (that are themselves often marked by clashes between left and right wing students).


Tensions have been fueled by anger over tuition costs & other international-mandated educational cuts – and they show no sign of abating ahead of Monday’s anniversary.


Videos have been released that also depict riot police using excessive force to remove protestors from scene of Polytechnic last night. Riot police resorted to using tear gas and stun guns to remove students from sight – without giving them any prior warning that they should get out of the way! Outside Athens University’s law School tensions are also high today.

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