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AIRED: 08-07-2020

Zack gets a new middle name today! (See the show title.) He has made it safe and sound to Karenland, along with the Knodel Clan, and it seems they couldn’t be happier. Bobbo was a bit spooked by the sound of the cicadas singing as this is a year for them to emerge, at least the smaller horde, and it is an eerie sound if you’ve never heard it, for sure. Zack has sore fingertips now that he has his guitar back in hand, and Walt commiserates, now that he is in E standard tuning again…which lands us firmly in Guitar Geek Realm for a few.
–Blanets, dammit, Blanets. No, really. NASA may be trying to be more politicorrect about astronomes de plumes, but there are not trying to be smarter with their name game.
–Ok, John Savage, here’s one for your gematria files: Astronomers May Have Found a Star That’s Just 33 Years Old.
This star is a 90s kid. No. Really. A team of astronomers has “observed” what they “believe” to be a neutron star being born following a supernova first detected in 1987, in a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way 170,000 light-years from Earth, dubbed SN 1987A. Until now, astronomers weren’t sure if the neutron star survived the powerful event and didn’t just collapse in on itself to form a black hole — but a new paper published last week in The Astrophysical Journal suggests that it may have survived after all.
That means the neutron star would be a millennial, no older than 33.
If confirmed, it would be the youngest neutron star known to mankind, as Astronomy reports. To date, the youngest supernova remnant is the 330 years old Cassiopeia A, about 11,000 light-years away from Earth inside the Milky Way.
–Dr. Michael Lederman (@mmlederman1) is a Professor of Medicine at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Maxwell J. Mehlman is a Professor of Law at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Dr. Stuart Youngner is a Professor of Bioethics at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Why do you care? Listen to #JoshRant to see why we need to demand they be fired!!


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…or NOT?? Josh shared the footage found in the link below over the weekend. Upon viewing it, Walt noticed Police carrying boom mics and having video recording rigs during these supposed France riots. Riots over pension age??? WHAT??? Yeah, oooooook. –Zack NAILED it on his presentation for the Mt. Meru Summit this past saturday. –30...

AIRED: 03-21-2023

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AIRED: 03-17-2023

It had to happen, people being people, and all. Scammers are using A.I. voice cloning tech to call your Grammy and convince her that Uncle Albert is SO sorry and needs a quick PayPal drop or he might lose a big toe, and loe and behold, all her pennies are gone now. So sit down...

AIRED: 03-07-2023

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AIRED: 03-03-2023