They Think The Camera Is Them >>


AIRED: 02-26-2021

We the people. Says a lot, right? But do you really know the power behind those words? Few do, but today we dig deep into some of the facets of our sovereign powers hoping to give a beginning point for your own path to 1st Amendment empowerment. Camera? Check! Freedom? On its way!

–Hollywood just hit us with a new Sci-Fi Blockbuster: Perseverance Landing! Even Elon is giggling at THIS shite…
–Speaking of Camera…how exactly is this Mars crap even flying for intelligent folks at this point?? Who was filming it all that well? Where were they? GoPro is good, but come on. Thanx, Kallum for the likely answer…and a Show Title!
–One more camera thingie:
Photographs for News, Advertising, or Commercial Purposes-
Photographs for news purposes may be taken in entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, or
auditoriums when used for public meetings except where prohibited by official signs or
Security Force personnel or other authorized personnel, or a Federal court order or rule.
Other photographs may be taken only with the permission of the local postmaster or
installation head

Kallum Wilkinson
​they think the camera is them…


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