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AIRED: 07-22-2021

Sarge opens the show by addressing the idea of “Asking your doctor” about getting the Covid-19 bioweapon injection for yourself or your children. The correct answer is a resounding, “NO!” M.D.s have no more education on ‘vaccines’ than they do on nutrition; which is none. They only know and parrot what they’ve been ‘programmed’ to say by their Big Pharma instructors. You’d probably get a more reasoned and researched answer from your auto mechanic, plumber or computer technician! Sarge also presents information on the fallacy of the alleged existence of the so-called ‘Delta Variant.’ Lastly – if you don’t want to be injected you can simply adopt the ‘woke’ position of self-identifying as fully vaccinated and no one can question you or you can charge them with being a hateful racist biggot!


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