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AIRED: 07-27-2021

One of our brothers from others, known as Baldidni, The Pantless Powerhouse, shares an amazing story today. Last Friday he was in such severe nerve pain that he was considering severe ways out of that pain, and while laying there in agony he tuned in to our little YT show Have No Sphere. We collectively shared some silent, sentient positivity and prayer, and…well, he DID call in to share the results, after talking about those results on the air over the weekend…and what he shares is…well, just listen in as he astounds us all.
–Wonka launches new orange Gobstopp–er, wait, WHAT?? That’s the interior on MARS?? How?? Oooh…from…the air, natch.
–Speaking of “from the air”, EHX founder Mike Matthews plans an effects pedal that will harness magnetospheric free energy. Yeah, Lucas and Walt are clueless. Let’s ask T. Henry Moray. (See link below)
–Speaking of Lucas, his new segment has a new intro. That’s not an intro…
–Speaking of not speaking…just think it and your smart devices will do the rest FOR you!
–Biden’s butt.
Chat Chit–
Ross Thatcher:
​It’s taken generations to get you all this brainwashed, how dare some of you not fall for it!
Ross Thatcher:
​You know you’ve reached the top when you have an official butt-wiper
Unintended Consequences:
​The royals in Europe long had a “Chamberman” and “Chambermaid” whose job was to attend the royal duties
​nature doesn’t lie, it`s always us deceiving ourselves…


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