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By Luckee

Jun 03, 2015


3 June 2015


As seen in the following, the intentional goading of law enforcement is stupid and causes further animosity between the lawfully armed citizenry and Law Enforcement Officers who are tasked with maintaining the peace.  This you tuberjim cooley, is right to expose ignorance of the law that LEOs are supposed to abide by, but in the contact with LEOs he is unable to express to the officers which of his rights are being violated. (hint:) The LEOs didn’t violate any of them.  While jim cooley gets to speak and question the LEOs, and roam around the airport armed with an AR-15, he finds that when the Officers do the same, they suddenly lose the right to so by virtue of the fact they are in a LE capacity.  It is not true.  Being in a uniform does not preclude the individuals’ rights.  I personally would have asked Jim Cooley what was going on because of his ostentatious display of arms in an area that normally has no visibly armed civilians.  In no way would my questioning him violate his rights.  If I subsequently followed him to his vehicle, it still would not violate his rights.  Neither did the LEO’s  when they did so.

I am surprised and heartened to see the officers restrained in their contact with the you tuber.  The videos of chaotic gun fire between armed/unarmed/rioting/mentally ill/veterans versus police officers that has plagued our country of late, has alarmed and dismayed me.

The videos below serve to show how NOT ALL COPS are the shoot ’em up variety.  We truthers, patriots, citizens need good cops on our side when the SHTF.  We don’t need cops who remember altercations like this,  when a real crises occurs.

It is not clever to claim LE is violating your rights and not be able to name which of them is being violated (especially when you are denying the officer/citizen’s rights to) While spouting off the law that permits the open carry.  The officers gave their name and badge numbers, where the individual would not give his name to the officers.

Jim Cooley does not know the meaning of harassment!

As an aside, I daresay there wasn’t a terrorist in that airport! If there was, they would have changed their mind about terrorizing.  Americans exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment will give terrorists 2nd thoughts about doing nefarious things.  All successful terrorist acts that have been done in this country have been done in disarmed areas.